10 Fun Summer Activities for Your Kids

If school is out for the summer where you live, check out these fun activities to help the kiddos have fun at home while also learning.

Sunny Days – Get Outdoors

Five Ways to Explore the Outdoors with Elinor Wonders Why
Exploring the outdoors is a hands-on way of learning about the environment and the world around you. In Elinor Wonders Why outdoor activities are common amongst the curious trio Elinor, Ari, and Olive. Here are 5 activities that will assist you in exploring your creativity, curiosity, and most importantly the outdoors.

Outdoor Family Fun with Plum
Explore your neighborhood’s plants, animals, weather, and more with over 150 unique missions in this downloadable app.

  • Hundreds of tips to help your family talk about nature and science
  • New missions and achievement badges that unlock as you use the app
  • Digital tools to help your family observe and interact with nature

DIY Paper Bag Kites
Build a paper bag kite with your child and learn more about lines, sides, and angles!

Make Sun Prints
In this activity, observe the sun’s energy while also experiencing nature and making art!

Rainy Days – Have Fun Indoors

Discover Pitch with a Water Xylophone
Investigate ways to create different sounds by creating your own water xylophone.

Fun with Magnets
Discover why magnets attract and repel in this collection from eMediaVA. Also learn about the Earth’s magnetic field.

Explore Sound
What is the loudest possible sound? What about the quietest thing we can hear? And what do decibels measure, anyway? Or, if your kids are older, check out this Physics of Sound video from Crash Course Physics.

Cook Up Some Edible Slime
Explore the properties of different ingredients while creating tasty edible slime.

Shadow Play
Use a flashlight to explore blocking light and creating different sizes of shadows.

Get Away, Rain or Shine – Virtual Travel

Take your family on a virtual field trip!
With this collection from eMediaVA, you can visit the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Niagra Falls, the Grand Tetons, and more. 

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