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Join us this month for back to school webinars focused on SOL-related content and engagement strategies.

Join us as we cover relevant and innovative topics in education that are most requested by teachers across Virginia. Led by WHRO Public Media staff, these 50-minute online workshops will provide tips and examples from educators on important topics to improve engagement and instruction in your classroom! *Certificates of attendance will be provided. 

Increasing Student Engagement with eMediaVA & Interactive EdTech

Wednesday, September 20th, 2023 | 7:00 PM

Student engagement is a vital ingredient of classroom learning and academic excellence. Yet, this is also where many educators struggle, especially when choosing the right EdTech tool(s) for your classroom. During this session, we’ll explore strategies and ideas to better engage your students along with specific EdTech examples & tools to try. Choose from a list of sites and apps including Jamboard, PearDeck, Flipgrid, eMediaVA, and more! This school year, take your lessons to the next level with interactive [and free] EdTech tools.

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