Music: The Sound of My Heart | Music in Our Schools Month

March is Music in Our Schools Months. Around the country, music educators and students celebrate and explore the lasting impact music has on our lives.

Over the past two years, I have watched music educators find new and creative ways to teach and share music. Students are using everyday items as instruments during virtual learning. Classes have adapted set-up and equipment to make it possible to continue to create music. Concerts have been performed in a variety of unique ways. The lessons we have learned about making music during the past years will stay with us as we move forward. The most important is there is always a need for music and always a way to make music.

This year’s MIOSM® theme is Music: The Sound of My Heart. Never has a theme seemed more relevant. People often say that music makes them feel better, but the bigger truth is that music makes us feel. It allows us to experience emotions in a way that feels safe and allows us to express emotions that might otherwise not be spoken.

I want to leave you with some challenges for the month of March. 

  • Use music actively in a lesson. No matter what subject you teach, music can be incorporated in an authentic way. Check out this eMediaVA Fine Arts Padlet with music and fine arts resources for K12 students.
  • Feature a favorite musician in a lesson with Sound Field or Soundbreaking
  • Listen to music performed by students. My students love singing along to Pinkalicious!
  • Listen to music that expresses what you are currently feeling. Two of my favorite collections are Class Notes from Classical MPR and Songs for Unusual Creatures.
  • Listen to music to relax or wind-down.
  • Make some music of your own. No matter your talent or skill level, everyone can create music. Sing along with the radio, play an instrument, or clap with a song. How you make music is not as important as that you make it.

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