Tips for Increasing Children’s Appetite for Reading

Increase your child’s love of reading with these tips from eMediaVA Ambassador Janel Kelley.

Reading is an essential skill and one of the first things children learn in education. Some children take to books like magnets, but some require more effort to cultivate their interest in reading.  The following tips may help to increase children’s appetite for reading. 

  1. Select Level-Appropriate Books or Materials: Reading material that is too easy will not help the child improve their reading, while material that is too difficult will discourage them.  The books that are selected should be just enough to teach the child some new words and build their confidence in reading. 
  2. Create a Routine for Reading: Establishing a daily routine for reading will help children get used to reading regularly.  Having a routine will help children be less resistant to it.  Parents reading to or with their children can also be a bonding opportunity. 
  3. Read Aloud to Young Children: Reading aloud to younger children can help them to learn new words by listening and talking about the story. Dramatizing the story can make it more interesting as well. Showing the younger children that books can be fascinating and fun to read will help them to choose reading by themselves in the future.
  4. Choose Books that Ignite Interest: Expose children to different types of books or stories. If there is a certain topic or subject that interests the child, stick with offering those books. Reading material that is interesting to the child will help boost their interest in reading. 
  5. Visit the Library Regularly: Purchasing books that interest children can become expensive. The school library can be a big help in children checking out books to read. Visiting the local library can be a great choice for children. They can have a variety of books to choose from and expand their interests. This can allow them to get out of the house and take a trip with parents or another family member. Children can read books while at the library and then check out books to take home and read. 

Janel Kelley is a 6th-grade science teacher in Mecklenburg County and is an eMediaVA Ambassador.

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