Top 5 eMediaVA SEL Resources for Secondary Educators

eMediaVA Ambassador Kristen Strickland’s favorite eMediaVA SEL resources.

It only takes a brief scroll through social media or a passing glance at the news to see that implementing social-emotional learning (SEL) in the classroom is more necessary than ever. Thankfully, eMediaVA has fantastic resources to help secondary teachers address the five core competencies of SEL: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.

Here are the top five eMediaVA SEL resources. Each is engaging, easy to use, rich in content, and perfect for cross-curricular teaching.

  1. Above the Noise. Above the Noise is a video series that centers around pop culture topics. We suggest starting with these topics: Can Procrastination Be a Good Thing? or Does Being Popular in High School Really Matter? Once you start using Above the Noise, your students will be hooked by its fun, yet informative style. Make sure you use this handy worksheet with these videos.
  2. Invent Apps That Help Others and Build Empathy. This comprehensive interactive lesson examines heartwarming, true stories of teenagers helping others through innovative projects.
  3. Homelessness: Raising Awareness Using Technology & Social Media. A video lesson and classroom guide that follows high school senior, Chastity, as she works to overcome the stigma of homelessness while graduating and applying for college. This lesson dives into what it means to rise above tough circumstances to meet our fullest potential. 
  4. Generation Nation: Self-Reflection & Interviewing Activity. This video series explores the unique qualities of varying age groups. Each video uses interviews to discuss our shared experiences at each stage of life. 
  5. Managing Worries. An interactive game that will spark classroom discussions centered around the choices we make that foster mental health.  Your students will explore topics like teamwork, self-doubt, and friendship.

Kristen Strickland is the Technology Integration Specialist at Deep Creek Middle School in Chesapeake Public Schools and an eMediaVA Ambassador.

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