6 eMediaVA Resources for Women’s History Month

Women are the embodiment of strength, resilience, and innovation! Here are 6 of our favorite resources for Women’s History Month.

History is full of female movers and shakers, of the brave and brilliant. No one can argue with the fact that our lives have been forever changed by integral women. That’s why we’ve been celebrating Women’s History Month since the 1980s!

eMediaVA has many resources that showcase women’s history. Here are just a few of my favorites:

  • Rebel: Loreta Velazquez Civil War Soldier and Spy | Lesson Plan: Hidden Histories (grades 9-12): Who doesn’t love a good spy story, especially if it’s true? Dive into this secondary lesson that’s great for both history and English curriculums. It explores the life of Loreta Velaquez, a Cuban immigrant. Spend several days with your students exploring her journey from Confederate soldier to Union spy.
  • From Women’s Suffrage to the ERA | Retro Report (grades 9-12): A rare look at the fight for equal rights for women. This Retro Report includes primary sources like film reels, radio broadcasts, images, and documents of the Women’s Suffrage Movement.
  • Unladylike2020 (grades 6-12):  Unladylike2020’s mission is “to inspire, engage and educate audiences in an underrepresented narrative: how women, and in particular women of color, changed America 100+ years ago” (Unladylike2020). These videos will transform your instruction and teach students about often unheard-of female pioneers. I especially love…
  • Crash Course (grades 9-12): What would literature or history be without women? John Green’s engaging series Crash Course covers topics like Women in the 19th Century and Women’s Suffrage.
  • The Lasting Impact of Women in the Civil War | The Good Stuff: Time Capsule (grades 6-12): A comprehensive look at the history of women in the military. This video and accompanying questions would be a great introduction to any Women’s History Month unit. See the journey to equal military rights for women and what still needs to be done.
  • Unstoppable: The Road to Women’s Rights (grades 3-8): An intriguing documentary following the history of the women’s suffrage movement. Students will love the assorted segments that tie history to the present day!

Kristen Strickland is a Technology Integration Specialist in Chesapeake Public Schools and is an eMediaVA Ambassador.

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