March: A Month for the Arts

Learn about exciting opportunities and resources for celebrating Youth Art Month in March!

I’ve recently launched a March Madness music listening experience with my students spanning from kindergarten to fourth grade. It’s been truly inspiring to witness the children engage with the music, often exploring genres outside their usual repertoire, and to witness their enthusiasm for their favorite pieces advancing to the next round. Even after nearly 15 years of teaching music, my students continue to reinforce the profound significance of what I do.

Every March, arts educators in Virginia, along with colleagues nationwide, gear up to advocate for and educate about the vital role of arts in education. March holds special significance, recognized by the Virginia General Assembly as both Youth Art Month and Music in Our Schools Month®. As arts educators, we curate art displays, organize arts festivals, and host concerts (I’m slated for three this month) that showcase the fruits of our students’ labor. What observers witness is merely a snapshot of a process years in the making; each day, we cultivate collaboration, creativity, skill development, self-awareness, emotional connections, and myriad other facets that define the essence of the arts.

Throughout this month, I’d encourage you to embark on a challenge. If you’re not directly involved in arts education, take some time to explore how you can infuse the arts into your curriculum. Listen to unfamiliar music or engage in music-making activities. Seek out opportunities to experience or create visual art. Strike up conversations with arts educators and students in your circle about the transformative power of art and music.

For those already teaching in the arts, remember that your impact extends far beyond the confines of your classroom. Take time to nurture your own artistic expression, whether through creating art or making music and reconnect with the essence of why you chose this path.

Every day of the year serves as a celebration of the arts in our schools. March simply provides us with a platform to amplify our voices. Happy Youth Art Month and Music in Our Schools Month®! Let’s make some noise!

Abigail Newman is an elementary music teacher in Fauquier County Public Schools and an eMediaVA Ambassador.

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