Celebrating Earth Day: Interactives Resources for All Grades

Looking for Earth Day lesson ideas?

Earth Day is the perfect holiday to discuss ways to make our planet a better place. eMediaVA has many interactive resources and videos for all grades. These resources cover topics like conservation, erosion, reducing, reusing, recycling, Earth Day’s history, and ways to celebrate by taking action.  

Interactive Resources for Grades K-5: 

A Tale of Two Soup Cans Digital Game allows students to click through the story at their own pace with a read-aloud option. At the end is an interactive quiz for students to test their knowledge. Educators can use this document that outlines how to use the interactive game, additional resources, lesson plan ideas, and extension activities. 

Environmental Match Game is an interactive game for students to play in a whole group, with a partner, or individually. They match cards and answer questions about the environment. They earn prizes at the end based on the points they earned. 

Conservation Scavenger Hunt is an interactive game for students to learn about conservation in familiar environments. This resource could be used in a whole group, small group, or individually. A character talks through directions to support students through the game. 

Interactive Resources for Grades 6-12: 

Ocean Conservation is a resource for students to click through slides at their own pace to learn about ocean conservation. Although it is recommended for grades 8-12, it can be used for younger students as well because each section has a read-aloud option. 

Methods to Reduce Erosion is an interactive resource that allows students to click through slides at their own pace. They are able to read about ways to reduce erosion on the coast. There is also picture support which allows this tool to be used for younger students as well. 

Activity: Conservation Across Fence Lines is an interactive resource for students to play with real-life scenarios to learn about conservation. Students can try various scenarios and learn the best methods through trial and error. The Support Materials include a user guide for educators with printable materials. This would be a great resource to use in small groups or partners for students to have meaningful discussions and make decisions together for a successful set-up. 

Video Resources Recommended Grades K-5: 

Earth Day! is a lesson from the series Learn and Grow with WHRO that discusses ways to take action, celebrate, and learn about our earth. The video has a tour of nature, a discussion on different soils, and an activity students can do at school or at home. 

Earth Day- All About the Holidays is a quick video outlining how to celebrate our earth and protect it. 

Video Resources Recommended Grades 6-12: 

Earth Days: The First Earth Day features real footage of the first Earth Day and various ways people protested and celebrated. 

Earth Day and the Beginning of Environmental Politics highlights past political leaders speaking on environmental issues. The Supporting Materials include teaching tips for educators and discussion questions. 

These are just a few of the many resources eMediaVA has to support Earth Day lessons. Be sure to explore the Earth Day Collection on eMediaVA. To find more, you can use the following keywords: recycle, Earth Day, conserve, etc.  Use the refine your search tool to find documents, images, videos, and more. Educators can also narrow their search for specific SOL connections and grade levels. Building lessons to educate our youth on protecting our planet is a great way to celebrate Earth Day! 

Amanda Knighton is an elementary teacher in Middlesex County and an eMediaVA Ambassador.

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