Embark on a Journey Through History: Announcing New Virtual Tours of Fort Monroe!

Embark on an immersive exploration of Fort Monroe’s rich and diverse history with our brand-new virtual tours.

Dear Teachers,

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new virtual tours of Fort Monroe’s Visitor and Education Center! These tours offer an immersive experience that brings to life the rich history of Fort Monroe, from the time of the Kikotan Indians to the present day. Whether you’re teaching social studies or simply passionate about sharing the stories that shaped our nation, these virtual tours are a valuable resource for your classroom.

The first tour takes you on a captivating exploration of three cultures that once lived on Fort Monroe’s land: the Kikotan Indians, Africans, and English settlers. From the ancient traditions of the indigenous Kikotan people to the arrival of the first Africans in the Virginia colonies in 1619, this tour provides a comprehensive overview of the diverse tapestry of cultures that have left their mark on Fort Monroe. Delve into interactive exhibits that illuminate the customs, traditions, and daily lives of these communities, offering a deeper understanding of their contributions to the region’s history.

Image from John Smith’s Map of Virginia

As you journey through time, you’ll also discover the evolution of Fort Monroe itself, from its humble beginnings as a colonial outpost to its transformation into the largest masonry fort in the United States. Learn about the strategic significance of the fortress as a Union stronghold guarding the Chesapeake Bay, and uncover the pivotal role it played in shaping the course of the Civil War.

The second tour invites you to explore Fort Monroe’s history from the 1800s to today, with a special focus on the Civil War and the contraband decision.

Experience the profound impact of General Benjamin Butler’s contraband decision, which challenged the institution of slavery and paved the way for emancipation. Through interactive exhibits and curated artifacts, gain a comprehensive understanding of the untold stories of soldiers, contrabands, and civilians who shaped the fort’s history.

African American Soldiers at Fort Monroe

Whether you’re teaching a virtual class, planning a field trip, or simply looking to expand your students’ knowledge of U.S. history, our virtual tours offer a unique opportunity to engage with Fort Monroe’s past in a meaningful and interactive way. We’ll continue to add to this collection, including lesson ideas, primary sources, and student VR guides, so make sure to bookmark these resources for next year!

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