Fun Songs for Changing the World: The GreenBeats℠ Video Series

GreenBeats℠ is a WHRO-produced series of animated songs that focuses on critical environmental issues and themes for elementary learners.

Our elementary students are learning about the environment and what we all can do to protect it. In particular, our 4th graders are learning and researching about “reduce, reuse, recycle.”  A lot of our students see an excessive amount of litter in our community, unfortunately.  As educators and residents of our various communities, we owe it to our students to teach them to be good stewards.  

It’s never too early to begin this discussion, and the GreenBeats℠ video collection from WHRO Public Media is a great resource that illustrates taking care of the environment in a fun and engaging way.  

The GreenBeats℠ series is great for Pre-K to 6th graders to learn about essential environmental topics in an age-appropriate way, such as getting outside, good bugs, recycling, skipping straws, and more. I love how the series emphasizes the small things even the youngest learners can do to clean up our communities and protect the Earth. 

Another great video from the series for upper elementary students is “Paper, Bottles, and Cans.” This catchy tune gives students a fun way to remember the different recycling options and the role it plays in protecting our environment. 

I would highly recommend this collection in eMediaVA. The songs in the GreenBeats℠ series will be like an “earworm” that you can’t get out of your head!

For extension activities, check out the environmental education interactives for grades K-5, also from WHRO! Happy learning!

Monica C. Mitchell is an eMediaVA Ambassador and an elementary ITRT in Martinsville Public Schools.

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