Resources to Help Teens Understand Healthy Relationships

Learn more about helping students navigate dating relationships with resources from high school librarian Erica Thorsen.

Healthy relationships for young adults can be confusing. Let’s help students identify various types of relationships and how they can create healthy relationships in their own life.

In addition to health classes, wonderful school counselors, and other SEL school personnel, here are some ways we as educators can do that:

  • Use these interactive activities from eMediaVA:
  • Explore videos from Above the Noise on eMediaVA:
    • Check for the ones about Sexting, Snapchat, and many more!
  • Share both fiction and non-fiction. Some great titles are:
    • Consent: The New Rules of Sex Education: Every Teen’s Guide to Healthy Sexual Relationships by Jennifer Lang, M.D.
    • Sex, Teens, and Everything In Between: The New and Necessary Conversations Today’s Teenagers Need to Have About Consent, Sexual Harassment, Healthy Relationships, Love, and More by Shafia Zaloom
    • A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl by Tanya Lee Stone
    • But I Love Him by Amanda Grace
    • dreamland by Sarah Dessen
    • Tokyo in Love by Emiko Jean
  • Websites with helpful information for teens:

Erica Thorsen is a high school librarian in Albemarle County and an eMediaVA Ambassador.

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