Winter Wonders: Unveiling the Science of Snow for Elementary Explorers

Explore snow’s scientific marvels through videos, crafts, experiments, and more for elementary students.

Let’s combine snow and science to make a fun and engaging experience for students this winter! Explore the delightful emediaVA resources tailored perfectly for young minds.

1. NASA eClips: Our World – Snowflakes: Dive into the realm of snowflakes with this engaging video from NASA. Accompanied by lively animations, scientists unravel the mysteries behind snowflake formation, showcasing the diversity of shapes through vivid visual representations. Students will gain insights into the fascinating world of snow crystals.

2. Snow Shelter Adventure: Join a group of enthusiastic kids as they lead us through a hands-on experiment in “Snow Shelter.” These young explorers test the resilience of a quinzhee, a snow structure akin to an igloo, in surviving the cold. They meticulously record temperatures inside and outside the structure, presenting their findings through a compelling graph.

3. Crafting Snowflakes with Wander and Wonder: Once students grasp the science behind snowflakes, let their creativity shine! Follow Wander and Wonder in their videos “Paper Snowflake” and “Geometric Snowflake” to master the art of crafting snowflakes using various materials. Abby Brown expertly guides us through creating unique snowflake designs.

4. DIY Snowflake Crystal Experiment: Take learning to a hands-on level by guiding students through a mesmerizing snowflake crystal experiment. Follow these simple steps:

  • Shape a pipe cleaner into a snowflake.
  • Attach a string from the snowflake to a pencil.
  • Fill a jar with hot water mixed with borax (1 tbsp per cup).
  • Immerse the snowflake, allowing the pencil to rest on top.
  • Witness crystallization on the pipe cleaner the next day.

Encourage students to conduct experiments by altering variables like temperature, water quantity, borax amount, and snowflake size. Challenge them to discover the most effective combination through scientific inquiry.

5. Explore More Resources on Uncover a treasure trove of additional resources on by searching for “snow.” Refine your search to pinpoint the exact materials you need for a more tailored and immersive learning experience.

Amanda Knighton is an elementary teacher in Middlesex County Public Schools and an eMediaVA Ambassador.

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