Where’s My Stuff? Getting Students Organized with Wakelet

Learn more about how Wakelet can be used by teachers and students alike.

While educational technology has changed the field of education rapidly over the years, the realization is that students still need help with organization hasn’t changed.  Wakelet is a great tool for teaching students how to organize their school work, resources, and materials needed for class and projects. 

Wakelet is a digital curation platform that lets teachers and students organize a mix of content for easy access. Wakelet can be set up with several different layouts like columns, mood boards, grids, compact view, or media view. I use Wakelet for my professional needs, teaching/lesson planning, and for my personal interests. It allows me to organize specific events and lessons, and I can customize who I share this with like students, teachers, or family.  It is such a versatile tool that you can make specific collections and keep things in one place for quick access.  

Wakelet is available for younger students as well.  Why not get them started early with organization so they have the tools to continue into middle and high school?  Wakelet has many great features that will appeal to students like reaction emojis, sharing of resources, a picture library, and easy ways to customize how your boards look and are edited.  You can use text, upload files, use Google Drive, add images, or connect with Flipgrid, YouTube, Twitter, and OneDrive.  

The other handy thing about Wakelet is being able to copy other collections for your use if they are public-I love this!  When I am looking for resources, I make sure there are no other boards out there shared to use before making another collection. I can just keep adding to my collection and keep building.  This is such a great way to collaborate with other teachers and the Wakelet Community. How do you get started? Easy–just make a free account and explore.  Once you set up a few collections you will be able to share and decide how to use Wakelet with your classes.  If it’s to organize a project, showcase their work, add to a portfolio, present resources, add study guides, or just find things they have an interest in–all of this can be done and more. Start creating yourself, get organized, and no longer have to worry about “Where’s My Stuff?”

Denyse Phelps is a high school librarian in Frederick County and is an eMediaVA Ambassador.

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